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Come Enjoy a Classic Mediterranean Cocktail!

tasty cocktail with orange garnish

Petra Bistro is as proud of its drinks as its food, and if you’re hoping to enjoy the beautiful weather with a summery, refreshing cocktail, come down to Seattle’s favorite Mediterranean restaurant!

Mediterranean cuisine extends well beyond what’s on your plate–it’s an entire family and history of flavors, spices, plants, beliefs, and culture, and you’d better believe all those things matter just as much for beverages as for food. Here are a few Mediterranean drinks that will help you breeze through your day and transport you somewhere where warm white sand meets a turquoise green sea, and your back is leaning against an olive tree.


What could be more Mediterranean than wine? And though yes, we know it might not be a cocktail, per se, you won’t feel any less fancy sipping a glass of Mezzacorana, an Italian Pinot Grigio with a crisp, dry fruit finish ($9 a glass!). We have a long, noble list of wines, so come in and try something sparkling!



Our speciality cocktails are only $8, and include some pretty exotic ingredients. We highly recommend our Petra Tini with Tamar Hindi, which comes from the Indian legume with a singularly sweet and sour flavor.

Or, if you’re in the mood for something a little sweeter and more traditional on a bright Spring day, try a Lemon Drop! The sugared rim will help temper the sour pucker of the lemon for something tropic, fruity, and fresh.



We couldn’t make a list of drinks for spring and summer sipping without including Ouzo! Our favorite Mediterranean liquor, this anise-flavored, quite strong aperitif is distilled from the remnants of grape seeds, stems, and skins left after making wine, and you’ll love the way it turns from clear to cloudy when you pour it over ice or add a little water.