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    Taste Our Food

    Will take you on a journey that stretches from Greece to the Northern shores of Africa with an extensive variety of appetizers, authentic dishes,...
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    Make It At Home

    Now you can enjoy many of our dishes at the comfort of your home. Our spice (or as the owner likes to call them,...
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    History of Petra

    Petra the rose city of Jordan; an ancient Nabatean capital and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, constitute one of the most...
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Welcome to Petra Mediterranean Bistro

Your voyage to a world of Authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

At Petra Bistro you will have the chance to experience the authentic tastes of Jordan, Lebanon, Greece, Turkey, & Northern Africa.

Our Mission

At Petra Bistro, our mission is to offer our guests a unique experience of authentic food, culture and history. Petra’s elegant, graceful décor and ambience strike a harmonious chord between modern sensibilities and the timeless splendor of the historical rose city that lends the restaurant its name.